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Specialty Imaging: Our Focus, Your Future

About Specialty Imaging

Specialty Imaging. It’s part of the fabric of our lives. It’s integral to the way we do business. It’s everywhere.

If you’re a printer with clients in advertising or retail, non-profits or for-profits — or if you’re a supplier serving those printers — you know how important specialty imaging is to their businesses. And if it’s important to your clients, it’s important to you.

Enter the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. SGIA members are center stage in the specialty imaging world. Screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, sublimation and pad printing are their primary imaging technologies, and they use them to create products or add value to existing products.

SGIA members create graphics like point-of-purchase displays, signs, banners and advertisements. They also enhance existing products such as garments, containers, vehicles, product identification and compact discs.

About SGIA

SGIA is the only international association for specialty imaging. Our mission is to provide imaging professionals with the tools and information needed to make the best possible business decisions.

Our member benefits include the SGIA Information Network, the most extensive online industry resource available. Through such portals as, ASSIST, SGIA News and the SGIA Journal, we provide members with the latest news shaping our industry, such as emerging markets, government regulations, and technological developments.

Connecting to a global community, members help each other and the industry, sharing ideas, insights, and innovations.  Through workshops and seminars our members network and learn.  Via conferences and symposiums they develop relationships that build better business.

Experience specialty imaging first hand at the annual SGIA Expo – the leading showcase for technology and innovation.  With exhibitors and attendees from every settled continent, the world of specialty imaging comes together to access the information needed to succeed.

What the SGIA Community Does

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