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Welcome to the SGIA Speaker Resource Center

Today’s technological whirlwind affects more than print processes. Factors like electronic communication have reinvented traditional industry niches. The bottom line: If your clients or members don’t see the need for multiple technologies, they’ll be out of business.

SGIA believes information is the first step in easing the transition to multi-tech imaging.

Contact us for presentations that illuminate the marketplace, clarify potential roles, confront current management and leadership issues, illustrate optimum production techniques and address environmental, safety and health concerns. We represent the entire specialty imaging industry, and we use our combined expertise to paint a complete, unbiased picture of your emerging market.

Call or e-mail SGIA today for more information: or 888.385.3588.

Michael Robertson

Specialty Imaging Markets Trends
Achieving Success in a Changing Market

Michael Robertson is president and CEO of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. With over 20 years experience in the Association and industry, he draws on a unique perspective as he addresses the dynamic imaging technologies and market

Audience: Presentations are suited to individuals from all printing and imaging industry segments and all experience levels.

Marci Kinter

Safety Training and Compliance

State Environmental Trends and Issues
A Look at Global Environmental, Safety and Health Trends

KinterDescription: Marci Kinter is the Vice President of Government Affairs & Business Information for the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. Marci Kinter is the screen and digital industry’s leading representative before federal and legislative agencies, working to ensure that the industry is not “over” regulated. A popular speaker, Marci takes typically “dry” topics, and creates interesting dialogues with the audience. Her presentations provide timely and succinct information that can be immediately applied and understood.

Audience: Presentations are suited for all printing disciplines and can be customized for a specific audience and/or topic.

Dan Marx

Strategies for Success in Digital Imaging
Successful Integration of Digital Imaging Technology

Entering the competitive digital imaging industry requires much more than the purchase of equipment. To successfully compete in digital imaging, companies must learn to “think digital,” and apply the technology’s methods, techniques and opportunities to their business efforts. These presentations demonstrate that digital is much more than just another way of doing the same thing. It is, instead, something more.

Dan Marx is Vice President, Markets & Technologies for the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. He has been with the Association since 1991. In his position, he represents the dynamic nature of digital imaging to numerous audiences, and strengthens and maintains the Association’s position as a primary information source for graphic imaging technology including screen printing, inkjet, and emerging methods.

Audience: This presentation is suited for those companies anticipating an entry into digital imaging, or those who have recently entered and are still seeking success. The presentation is appropriate for all experience levels.

Johnny Shell

Screen Making
Color Matching
Color Appearance
Color Measurement
Instrumentation & Process Control
Four Color Process Screen Printing
Optical Media Production/Printing
Decorated Apparel
Digital Imaging Technologies

Johnny Shell is the Vice President of Technical Services for SGIA. He has been in the graphic imaging industry for eighteen years and his experiences include optical media manufacturing, decorated apparel and graphic imaging.

Audience: Presentations are designed to enlighten audiences of various imaging technologies for improved production and quality in all segments of screen printing and digital imaging.


Jeff Burton

Color Management
Digital Media
Digital Workflow
Graphic Applications
Introduction to Digital Printing Devices
RIP Software

Jeff Burton is the Digital Printing Analyst for the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. He provides customized digital printing solutions to the Association's membership. His 20 years of experience range from offset pre-press to digital printing in all formats. Jeff is knowledgeable in graphics applications, RIP hardware, inkjet printing, toner based output devices and color management.

Audience: Presentations are suited for digital printing disciplines and can be customized for a specific audience and/or topic.



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