Rules and Regulations

Show Days

October 18-19 Booth Set-Up by Special Arrangement Only
October 20-21 Booth Set-Up
October 22-24 Show Days
October 25-26 Tear Down


Housing forms for rooms at Las Vegas hotels will be available to all confirmed exhibitors on or about September 15, 2013. The use of Hospitality Suites is a right reserved for show exhibitors.

Booth Fees

The listed booth lease fee includes back drape, side-rail drapery and carpeting (see Island Fee regarding carpeting, and see “Booth Furniture & Decorations”); booth sign; limited number of booth personnel badges when ordered in advance; and free online exposure and marketing opportunities through the enhanced listing in the new SGIA Buyers Guide.

Your free enhanced listing includes:

  • 24/7 administrative control before, during and after the Expo
  • A character overview and description of your company
  • An individual product showcase
  • A "show special" feature
  • Company contact list
  • Keyword and product search capabilities
  • New products announcement and free press release function

Exhibitors will also receive a listing in one or more pre-convention printed promotional brochures and on the SGIA Web site.

A list of convention registrants will be provided post-show first to Platinum and Gold Sponsors. The same post-show list of convention registrants will then be provided to all exhibitors who booked within the official SGIA housing block.


For the planning of shipments of exhibit materials, please consult “Shipping Instructions & Handling of Crates,”); and “Floor Load and Freight Entrances”); referenced below.

Ceiling, Aisles, Columns, Floor

Ceiling heights: Exhibit Halls C1 & C2 - 25 feet; and Exhibit Halls C3, C4 & C5 - 35 feet. Ceiling height in the C3 Concourse is 31’. All cross aisles are at least 10’ (3.05m) wide. The floor under all booths will be carpeted, and carpeting is included in the booth fee, except for islands.

PLEASE NOTE: Any exhibitor who damages the carpet in any way (i.e., ink, oil, rips, grease or any stain) will be responsible for paying the replacement charge. Minimum loss is 100 square feet. If you have any questions prior to set up, you must report them to the Service Desk immediately. If not reported, it shall be assumed damage occurred during use, and the exhibitor shall be held responsible for replacement cost. Flooring is concrete, with the floor load being unlimited per square foot with the exception of C3 concourse which has a floor load capacity of 175 pounds per square foot. The exhibition hall is located on Level 1.


If there is an exhibitor that you wish to be near or one you do not wish to be near, please notify SGIA of that fact at the time you contract for space. The Association will work with you as best it can, depending on what space is available for assignment at that time.

Exposition Admission Procedures

The badges described below will permit entrance to the exposition on the days and times on the schedule.

A. Admission Procedure to the Exhibit Area:

Admission to the exposition is for the full 3 days as scheduled – October 22-24, 2014.

1.Registration Badge: Valid for entry to the exposition only during hours the exposition is open to bonafide attendee registrants.

2.Booth Personnel Badges: A limited number of special badges will be given to the exhibiting company for booth personnel staff valid for the entire show when ordered in advance, maximum of 150 badges. SGIA will charge exhibitors a fee of $20.00 each for any booth personnel badges ordered on site during the convention and exposition. Lost badges will be replaced at a charge of $5.00. Booth personnel may obtain tickets for all convention events at the prevailing rate.

B. Tentative Exhibit Schedule (subject to change):

Friday 8:00 am – 11:30pm Set Up by Special Arrangement Only

Saturday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm Set Up by Special Arrangement Only

Monday 8:00 am – 11:30 pm Set Up

Tuesday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Set Up

Wednesday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Exposition

Thursday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Exposition

Friday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Exposition

Friday 4:30 pm – Midnight Tear Down

Saturday 12:01 am– 6:00 pm Tear Down


The Annual Convention and Exposition is conducted under the direction of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association hereinafter designated as “the Association.”);


Official exhibit set-up may begin at 8:00 am, Tuesday, October 16, and continue until 6:00 pm, Wednesday, October 17. (By special arrangement, you may begin set-up Monday, October 15, if you have reserved 600 square feet or more.)


Exhibit material must be packed and out of the hall by 5:00 pm, Sunday, October 26. No booth may be partially or fully dismantled until after show closing on Friday, October 24.

Application for & Assignment of Space

Only Association members paying dues of $475 or more may exhibit without the payment of the supplemental nonmember fee. All qualified firms desiring to exhibit must file and send written application to the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, 10015 Main St., Fairfax, Virginia 22031 USA. Space will be assigned based upon the Sponsorship program (Platinum sponsors choose first, Gold choose second,) and then in the order that fully executed contracts, accompanied by the required deposit, are received.

Payment Policy

Payment in full is encouraged. Exhibitors must pay a 10% deposit on the total booth fees due if contract is executed prior to January 5, 2014, with the remainder of the deposit (equal to 50% of the booth lease fee) paid by January 6, 2014. Exhibitors must pay a 50% deposit if contract is executed between January 6 and June 8. The balance of the full booth fee is due by June 9, 2014. Total booth fee must be enclosed with any contract executed on or after June 9, 2014. (Nonmembers must pay a $800 additional nonmember fee for space leased. The full $800 must be included with the minimum deposit.)


The exhibit contract provides for the exhibitor to designate three booth choices, which request the Association will respect so far as possible. Where none of the exhibit spaces requested are available, space will be assigned to conform as nearly as possible in size, price and location — subject to approval of the exhibitor. See “Payment Policy”); above for payment terms. The tenet on which all show management is based can be summed up as follows: “All exhibitors are equal regardless of size and should be given an equal opportunity, within reason, to present their product in the most effective manner to the audience.”); Show Management must establish rules or guidelines to make this possible while allowing the greatest flexibility within each exhibit. Remember, you are our members and exhibitors. We want you to be successful. The exhibitor’s responsibility can be summed up far more simply: “Be a good neighbor.”);

Cancellation Schedule

The Association reserves the right to cancel any reservation not paid for in full as specified in body of contract, to lease the space so reserved to another exhibitor, and to retain as liquidated damages any amounts already paid by the applicant whose reservation is cancelled. Partial cancellations/reductions in booth space are subject to cancellation fees for the unused booth space. The Association shall retain as liquidation damages for cancellations the following amounts:

Prior to March 7................ 10% of total space price

March 8 – May 7................ 25% of total space price

May 8 – July 9................ 50% of total space price

July 10 – September 12................ 75% of total space price

After September 12......... 100% of total space price

There shall be no refunds on membership investment, because services will have been provided. All booth cancellations must be made in writing to SGIA. Because of the nature of the benefits of sponsorship (priority booth selection, promotions, etc.), it will not be possible to cancel this agreement without full payment still being due the Association. The Association reserves the right to accept or reject any signed contract tendered to it, and no contract shall be considered binding until and unless it is executed by the Association, and payment in full is received. Unless payment in full is received prior to the opening of the show, exhibitor forfeits all rights and shall not be permitted to erect his display or utilize the assigned space. All remittances must be made payable to the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association in U.S. currency.

Booth Furniture & Decorations

Booth decorations consisting of an 8’ high backdrape, 36”); high side drapes, and an identification sign will be furnished each exhibitor by the Association without charge. (Back drape and side drapes will not be provided for islands unless specifically requested.) Color for backdrape and carpeting will be determined 120 days prior to the show. Note: No combustible materials, merchandise or signs shall be attached to, hung from, or draped over flameproof side and rear divider draperies of booths, or attached to table skirting facing aisles, unless flame proofed.

Booth Dimensions, Height Restrictions & Convention Center Regulations

All booths are as shown on the floor plan, and dimensions indicated are believed to be accurate, but are only warranted to be approximate. Do not begin setting up your booth if you do not think it is the proper size. Immediately contact the Show Office. Once you have set up, it will be too late to resolve the problem and neither SGIA nor its contractors will be responsible. No walls, partitions, decorations, or other obstructions may be erected which in any way interfere with the view of any other exhibit. Any construction in excess of 4 feet in height and within 10 feet of an adjoining exhibit must be kept within 5 feet of the rear of the booth, with the exception of equipment, which may exceed the 5 foot distance limit provided it is not higher than 8 feet in a standard booth (one or more standard units in a straight line), an end cap (standard booths located back to back on an aisle which have been turned to face the side aisle rather than facing the standard aisle), or middle of row blocks (two or more booth spaces back to back facing two different aisles); or 16 feet in a peninsula (four or more booth spaces back to back with an aisle on three sides); or 18 feet in the following types of configurations: islands (blocks of space with aisles on all four sides) and perimeter wall booths (standard booths located on the outer perimeter wall). Placement of equipment must be done to avoid blocking visibility of neighboring exhibitors. All exposed parts of the display must be finished so as not to be objectionable to other exhibitors or to the Association. This rule must be adhered to so that no booth will interfere with other exhibits to the right and left of it. Each exhibitor will be confined to the space limits of its respective booth(s) as indicated on the floor plan. No part of any display may be over 8 feet in height in a standard, end cap, or middle of the row booth; 16 feet in a peninsula booth; or 18 feet in an island or perimeter wall booth (see definitions above). This includes any signs attached to the booth space — Exception: To better distribute signage and improve visibility, for Platinum and Gold Sponsored Island Booths, any part of any display, to include exhibit fixtures, components, and hanging identification signs will be permitted to a maximum of 20 feet. For all Platinum and Gold Sponsored Peninsula Booths, any part of any exhibit fixtures and components will be permitted to a maximum of 16 feet, however hanging signs and exhibit components suspended above an exhibit for the purpose of displaying graphics or identification will be permitted to a maximum of 18 feet over the reserved area provided the ceiling structures can safely hold the sign. Please see additional information in the LVCC Building Users Manual.

All sales or marketing activity is restricted to the booth space leased to the exhibitor. The distribution of literature or promotional products elsewhere in the convention facility or on Convention Center property, advertising signage in the convention facility or on Convention Center property, or on sandwich boards or similar activity is prohibited. Lighter-than-air balloons (or blimps not properly anchored) are not permitted in any booth or island space. Under no circumstances will live animals be permitted as part of a display. No chase lights are permitted in booths or islands. Shepard Exposition Services, 1531 Carroll Drive, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 USA, Telephone: 404.720.8600; Fax: 404.720.8755 has been designated the official decorator for the SGIA Convention and Exposition. Special booth decorations, signs, displays, furniture, etc. can be obtained through the decorator. Order forms will be included in the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Shipping Instructions & Handling of Crates

The official drayage firm is Shepard Exposition Services, 1531 Carroll Drive, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 USA, Telephone: 404.720.8600; Fax: 404.720.8755. All shipments must be prepaid, whether by air, rail or motor freight. All shipments must arrive at least four days prior to the installation date. Exact dates will be indicated in the Exhibitor Services Manual to be sent to you in late spring.

Shipments will be received and stored by the drayage contractor free of charge up to 30 days prior to the opening of the convention. The service of delivery of shipments to the booth, removal of empty crates to storage, and return of empty crates at the close of the show will be provided by the drayage contractor at prevailing rates. Exhibitors will be forwarded a shipping information and handling rate sheet approximately 120 days prior to the show. The BILL OF LADING for all shipments showing number of pieces, weight, etc., should be mailed to the shipping address as soon as shipment is made. Exhibitors are urged to cooperate in this matter to insure proper receipt and handling of their equipment and shipments. A Certified Scale Weight Ticket is required on all shipments. Note: Shipments should not be sent to the Convention Center. CAUTION: Due to possible security problems, nothing of value should be left in the crates once they are removed from the show floor.

Floor Load & Freight Entrances

Las Vegas Convention Center has an unlimited floor load capacity, with the exception of the C3 Concourse which has a floor load capacity of 175 pounds per square foot Freight access to the show floor is through hanger doors 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9.

Electrical Installations

Electrical services will be furnished at prevailing rates by Edlen Electrical Exposition Services, Inc., 3010 Builders Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA, phone: 702-385-6911 fax: 702-385-1810. The following standard electrical service is available: Electrical power (110/120V 20 amps) single phase, 208/480V three phase. 120 volt outlets are available in 500 watt increments. (Prices will be quoted.) Power requirements above 400 amps, special voltage and transformers are available upon request. Metal halide and fluorescent overhead lighting exist throughout exhibit halls. An electrical service order form will be sent to exhibitors as part of the Exhibitor Services Manual. All electrical connections must be made by Edlen Electrical Exposition Services, Inc. All exhibitor’s electrical cords and appurtenances must be supplied by Edlen Electrical Exposition Services, Inc. All equipment must be properly tagged and wired with complete information as to type of current, voltage, phase, cycle, horsepower, etc. Company engineers or technicians may assemble, service, and operate equipment with special requirements; however, only “house electricians”); may make service connections and overload protection to such equipment. All exposed noncurrent- carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded. (Please refer to the electrical labor order form for the electrical scope of work in Las Vegas) The following are prohibited for use in exhibit: open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire and duplex or triplex attachment plugs. 100% payment must accompany your order to qualify for discount prices. The date discount prices expire will be indicated on the order form provided in the Exhibitor Services Manual. If not received by that date, floor prices will prevail (floor order prices approximately 50% higher). All orders received at service desk will be billed at floor order price.

Pursuant to the LVCC Building Users Manual, Halogen lamps must be in UL or recognized laboratory approved metallic fixture. Halogen lamps are limited to 75 watts and must be of the sealed variety, which prevents direct handling of the bulb. Certain forms of halogen lamps have been completely prohibited. Contact the Safety Office for a current copy of the halogen ban statement or see HALOGEN LAMP RESTRICTION in the LVCC Building Users Manual.

Special Utility Requirements

Air, water/drainage, and natural gas are available. All natural gas appliances shall be of an approved type (i.e., A.G.A., U.L., or Gas Mechanical Lab), and shall be installed according to Federal, State and Local Safety codes. Maximum drain lines are 3”);. Supply connections and disconnections may only be made by Edlen Electrical Exposition Services. Equipment interconnections may be made by exhibitors and material for connections must be supplied by exhibitors, subject to approval by Edlen Electrical Exposition Services. Utility installation rates are per hook-up. Any special utility connect ordered on site rather than preordered will be billed at higher connection rates. A utility order form will be provided in your Exhibitor Show Manual. (No compressors are allowed other than those supplied by Edlen unless they are a fixed part of your machine.) Telephone, internet, wireless, and data network services forms will be provided in your Exhibitor Show Manual.


Printing will be permitted with the following provisions: (1) aqueous or solventless inks should be used whenever possible; (2) there shall be no more than one day’s supply of ink on the floor during the Exposition; (3) all cleaning of screens shall be done outside the building; (4) at night, inks are to be removed from the exhibit area; (5) any solvents used shall have a flash point exceeding 100 degrees F; (6) exhibitors shall have a Class ABC fire extinguisher in each booth where they are printing with inks containing solvents; (7) rags should be stored in self-closing or self-extinguishing U.L. approved cans, and must be removed from the building at the end of the day. (8) MSDA Sheets need to be on hand or readily available for any solvents, inks, or hazardous materials.

All hazardous materials brought into the facility must be labeled and accompanied by the applicable MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) which must be produced upon request.

The Lessee is responsible for the handling and removal of hazardous materials used in the operation of the show in accordance with the latest Environmental Protection Agency regulations in effect at the time of the event. Arrangements must be made in advance for disposal. Disposal of hazardous waste is prohibited in the sewer lines or drains of the facility. The Lessee is responsible for the tracking of all hazardous material brought into the facility. Any materials left on the premises after move-out will be disposed of at the expense of the Lessee.


Be sure all of your merchandise, display equipment and materials are fully covered against fire, theft and all hazards while in transit to and from your space and for the duration of the exposition. After materials are released by the freight line, the line is not responsible for condition, count or contents, until such time when the materials are again picked up for removal after the close of the exhibits. All orders received by the show contractor prior to removal of materials are subject to final count and correction made at time of actual removal. The handling of loose exhibit materials or those inadequately packed will be done at exhibitor’s risk. Neither the show contractor, the Association, nor the Convention facility is responsible for damages to such materials, nor will any of the above be responsible for concealed damages of material arriving and departing in cases, crates, cartons, packages, etc. All materials arriving at the warehouse must arrive prepaid, and actual weights must appear on Bills of Lading. Exhibitors are responsible for their individual exhibits during hours when the exhibit area is open. The Association will have security guards on duty from 2:00 pm Monday, October 15 until at least mid-afternoon Sunday, October 21, and will make reasonable effort to safeguard the property of all exhibitors; however, neither the Association, the show contractor, nor the Convention facility assumes any liability for loss, and exhibitors are requested to take normal precautions at all times.

Hours of Exhibition

The exhibition hours will be published and mailed to all exhibitors at least 30 days prior to the opening of the Convention. Tentative hours (subject to change) appear on page 1.

Noise & Odors

No noisy or obstructive work will be permitted during open hours of the convention, nor will noisily operating displays or exhibits producing objectionable odors be allowed.

Removal of Exhibits

Exhibitors expressly agree not to begin packing or dismantling their exhibits until the official convention breakdown starting time at 4:30 pm, Friday, October 24. Such premature action is cause for expulsion from future expositions. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to arrange for return shipment of exhibit material, properly labeled, before departure. A service desk for this function will be provided at the convention facility to assist you. If these arrangements are not made prior to your departure, shipment will be stored by contractor at your expense.

Tracing Services

The show contractor will trace, on request, all shipments prior to installation date, providing that a copy of the waybill is forwarded to them well in advance.


The show contractor will provide skilled labor at prevailing rates to exhibitors upon their order for the erection, dismantling, and any servicing required for their booths. A labor order form will be sent to exhibitors as part of the Exhibitor Services Manual. Forms should be returned 30 days in advance of the show. Exhibitors are urged to order in advance all labor and services required so that the decorator can schedule adequate work crews for the benefit of all exhibitors. All set-up personnel must obtain exhibitor badges from Show Management to be allowed in the exhibit area.

The WIS (Worker Identification System) program is being utilized in the Las Vegas Convention Center and in other venues across the U.S. If any contractor or trade union worker wants to work on the exhibit floor they must have either an ESCA-WIS badge or a Trade Union (Local 631, 720 and 357) badge.  This program requires that anyone supervising a build must also obtain an ESCA-WIS badge, including exhibit booth personnel. Please review this link for more detailed information: For more information, contact the Control Center Security Supervisor at the LVCC – Jerri Denman-Gray.

Exhibitors with proper badges will be admitted by the hall security at all scheduled times. Labor for moving shipments and crates will be provided by the show contractor as outlined in “Shipping Instructions & Handling of Crates.”

No Assignment

The rights of an exhibitor are not assignable to any other persons or firm whatsoever. Identification badges for booth personnel are not transferable. Admission will be by badge only. Each exhibitor shall be entitled to free registration badges on a limited basis for the sole use of the exhibitor’s company personnel, when ordered in advance online. Exhibitors selling products manufactured by others are permitted to have personnel of the supplying firms work their booths as representatives of said exhibitors. However, all exhibitor badges, show directory listings, exposition advertising, listings in the new SGIA Buyers Guide, etc., must carry only the name of the exhibiting company as shown on the contract. Likewise, the exhibiting company’s Association membership must be in the same name as shown on the Exhibit Contract, or else the supplemental nonmember fee is required.


Exhibits in any location other than prescribed areas on the floor plan, such as hotel room exhibits, etc. are not permitted. Soliciting of business will be permitted by exhibitors only. Distribution of advertising matter, soliciting of orders or any conference in the interest of business by representatives of firms not a part of the Convention is strictly forbidden. Advertising and sales promotion materials may be distributed only from your booth at the Convention Center. No material may be placed on session seats, attached to walls, ceilings, woodwork, etc. of the convention facility, or left at the convention registration desk or in public places within the convention facility or on Convention Center property. Advertising materials, banners, blimps, hot-air balloons, vehicles carrying corporate identity or convention-related messages, etc. will not be permitted on or near the exterior of the convention facility. Robots, clowns, and similar are permitted but their use is confined to the exhibitor’s leased space.

Flameproofing & Safety Regulations

The use of flammable substances or decorative materials is prohibited. All decorative fabrics must be flame proofed in accordance with NFPA (National Fire & Protection Association) Code 701 regulations. Exhibitor must accept full responsibility for compliance with the Las Vegas Convention Center policies in all respects as incorporated by reference herein:

Exhibitor must also, in all respects, accept full responsibility for compliance with national, state, and city safety regulations.

All means of entrance and exit must be clear and free from obstruction at all times.

  • Each hard wall booth must be a minimum of nine (9) inches from the booth line for access to electrical.
  • No storage of any kind is allowed behind booths or near electrical service. A one-day supply of product is permitted within but cannot be stored behind the booth.
  • All fire hose racks, fire extinguishers and emergency exits must be visible and accessible at all times. Should this equipment be within a booth or exhibit due to the layout of floor space, additional signage indicating fire equipment location(s) (extinguisher, hoses, etc.) will be necessary, along with accessibility being maintained at all times.
  • Exhibit booth construction shall meet the requirements of 2003 NFPA 101,

ALL MULTI-LEVEL EXHIBITS AND EXHIBITS WITH COVERED AREAS MUST SUBMIT PLANS FOR APPROVAL TO THE LVCVA OFFICE OF SAFETY. Any occupied portion of an exhibit above floor level (double-deck) must submit an engineer-stamped set of drawings to the Office of Safety prior to the show. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) to ensure all rules within this section are followed, with the exception of those rules pertaining to the use of a fire watch. The EAC has the responsibility to work with the client to ensure booth plans, as required by this section, are submitted to the Safety Office within 45 days of the first day of move-in for the event. Plans used for prior shows must be resubmitted for approval each time for the upcoming show. The upper deck of multi-level exhibits greater than 300 square feet (28 sq. m) will need at least two (2) remote means of egress. (2003 NFPA 101, Any exhibits with covered areas exceeding 300 square feet must be manned after hours by fire watch personnel supplied by the 2012 SGIA Expo security company and must be arranged and paid for by the multi-level exhibiting company. Fire watch personnel order forms will be provided in the Exhibit Service Manual. Fire watch coverage is to commence with installation of upper deck or ceiling and continue during non-show hours until upper deck or ceiling is removed. The upper deck, if occupied, must be rated at 100 psf live load. All materials used in exhibit construction, decoration, or as a temporary cover must be certified as flame retardant or a sample must be available for testing. Materials which cannot be treated to meet the requirements may not be used. Exhibitor with a multi-level or covered exhibit must accept full responsibility for compliance with the Las Vegas Convention Center policies in all respects as incorporated by reference herein:

If additional multi-level or covered contiguous area is required in excess of 1,000 square feet, a fire sprinkler system shall be installed under the entire area and every level of a multi-level exhibit. A Nevada State licensed fire sprinkler contractor must install fire sprinkler systems. If additional multi-level or covered area is required in excess of 1,000 square feet without the use of a fire sprinkler system, contiguous areas limited to 1,000 square feet may be separated by a minimum ten (10) foot fire break on all sides. The fire break shall be void of any combustible displays, furniture or other material, which could abet transfer of fire from one area to the other. Exception: The fire break may be spanned by a single bridge, catwalk or structure that shall not exceed 48 inches in width and shall be constructed of fire resistant or noncombustible materials. (Las Vegas Convention Center policies)

Exhibitor must also, in all respects, accept full responsibility for compliance with national, state, and city safety regulations.

  • Halogen and quartz lamp use must be reviewed with the Convention Services Manager and the Safety Office. The Las Vegas Convention Center has placed a ban on certain halogen lamps. Such lamps are limited to 75 watts and must be sealed to prevent direct handling of the bulb. Halogen bulbs must be the proper wattage for the fixture, installed securely and placed away from drapes, display items or other flammable material. The use of stem-and-track-mounted lighting employing a linear or non-shielded halogen bulb is not allowed.
  • Vehicles on display (per 2003 NFPA 101, Fuel tank openings shall be locked or sealed in an approved manner to prevent escape of vapors; fuel tanks shall not contain in excess of one-quarter their capacity or contain in excess of 19L (five gal.) of fuel, whichever is less. (NFPA 101, At least one battery cable shall be removed from the batteries used to start the vehicle engine, and the disconnected battery cable shall then be taped. (NFPA 101, Batteries used to power auxiliary equipment shall be permitted to be kept in service. Batteries must be disconnected. Auxiliary batteries not connected to engine starting system may be left connected. External chargers or batteries are recommended for demonstration purposes. No battery charging is permitted inside the building. Combustible/flammable materials must not be stored beneath display vehicles. Fueling or de-fueling of vehicles is prohibited (NFPA 101, Vehicles shall not be moved during exhibit hours. Model/modular home displays in trade shows must be reviewed with the Convention Services Manager. In addition, a floor plan of the model/modular home must be submitted to the LVCVA Safety Office. Vehicles in the building for loading or unloading must not be left with engine idling. Except for equipment that uses LPG or natural gas as fuel, compressed gas cylinders, including LPG, and all flammable or combustible liquids are prohibited inside the building.

Any other exceptions require prior approval by the Convention Services Manager and the Safety Office. Overnight storage of LPG, natural gas as fuel or compressed gas cylinders is prohibited in the building. The following regulations apply to the use of LPG (propane) inside and outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Any use of LPG (propane) on LVCVA property must be approved prior to arrival by the LVCVA Safety Office. (NFPA 101, Prohibited Materials) When approved, LPG (propane) containers having a maximum water capacity of 12lb [nominal 5lb LP-Gas capacity] may be permitted temporarily inside the convention facility for public exhibitions or demonstrations. If more than one such container is located in an area, the containers shall be separated by at least 20 feet. When approved, LPG (propane) containers complying with UL 147A Standard for Non-refillable (disposable) Type Fuel Gas Cylinder Assemblies, and having a maximum water capacity of 2.7 lb and filled with no more than 16.8 ounces of LP-Gas may be permitted for use inside the convention facility as part of approved self-contained torch assemblies or similar appliances. Any exception to the first two requirements above must be submitted for review and approval by the LVCVA Safety Office and the Convention Services Manager. All LPG (propane) containers must be separated and inaccessible to the public. Cooking and food warming devices (see FOOD PREPARATION WITHIN EXHIBITS in this section) in exhibit booths shall be isolated from the public by not less than 48 inches (1220 mm) or by a barrier between the devices and the public. (2003 NFPA 101, The after-hours, overnight storage of any LPG (propane) container inside the convention facility is strictly prohibited. Containers must be removed at the end of each day and can be delivered back to the show floor upon the arrival of exhibit staff in the morning. Storage of LPG (propane) containers must be either off-site or on-site, outside of the building, in an approved metal storage vault and approved location.  No dispensing from or refilling of LPG (propane) containers will be permitted inside of the convention facility. Use of LPG (propane) outdoors must be approved by the LVCVA Safety Office and the Convention Services Manager prior to arrival on LVCVA property. No outside LPG (propane) will be permitted in any areas where building exits discharge or Fire Department access is required.  Areas enclosed by solid walls and ceilings must be provided with approved smoke detectors which are audible outside the area of the booth. A fire watch may be required. (See Multi-Deck and/or Covered Exhibits for more information.)  The travel distance within the exhibit booth or exhibit enclosure to an exit access aisle shall not exceed 50 feet. (2003 NFPA 101,  Exhibitors who plan to demonstrate fuel-burning appliances in the Las Vegas Convention Center must have approval from the Convention Services Manager 60 days prior to the event.  Heated or cooking oil or grease operations: Exhibitors using heated oil or grease for cooking or any other purpose must be in attendance of this equipment at all times when in operation and must have a type “K” fire extinguisher present during the operation. An example of this type extinguisher is a potassium bicarbonate extinguisher. Also acceptable is a sodium bicarbonate extinguisher. Fire code prohibits the use of any “B” type extinguisher for the purpose of extinguishing a heated cooking oil or grease fire. Type “K” fire extinguishers can be obtained from a company that sells and services fire extinguishers. The yellow page directory for “fire extinguishers” can be referenced for a supplier. There are several local companies in Las Vegas that offer this service. Fireplaces must be listed as ventless or self-venting for indoor use in order to obtain approval for burning inside the facility. Vented fireplaces cannot be burned since venting directly outdoors is not possible. Only enclosed fireplaces will be approved for burning, meaning the fireplace must be enclosed with a glass front or a protective heat/contact barrier must be installed to prevent combustible exposure or attendee contact. Screen front fireplaces will not be approved for burning. Exhibit design directly around the fireplace and installation of the fireplace must meet the requirement/code for permanent fireplace installation. Distances from exposure to combustibles must meet the requirements for permanent installations.

All operational drying equipment must have ducting that extends at least 6 1/2 feet above floor level. Hazards that potentially endanger attendees WILL NOT be permitted. Some of these might include:

1. Lack of guards (shields) on exhaust fans, belt-driven motors, fly wheels, etc. If there are no permanently attached guards, temporary ones must be added at exhibitor’s expense. 2. Food and drink in close proximity to inks and cleaning solutions. 3. Lack of safety curtains or inadequate shielding on UV curing units 4. Lack of covered (by tape or carpet) electrical cords on floor of booth or aisles.

Hazardous Materials Labeling

All hazardous materials brought into the facility must be labeled and accompanied by the applicable MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) which must be produced upon request.

Hazardous Chemical Disposal

The Lessee is responsible for the handling and removal of hazardous materials used in the operation of the show in accordance with the latest Environmental Protection Agency regulations in effect at the time of the event. Arrangements must be made in advance for disposal. Disposal of hazardous waste is prohibited in the sewer lines or drains of the facility. The Lessee is responsible for the tracking of all hazardous material brought into the facility. Any materials left on the premises after move-out will be disposed of at the expense of the Lessee.

Indoor Air Quality

All forklift trucks, platform lifts, boom lifts and other motorized equipment utilized for the move-in and move-out of events shall utilize cleaner burner alternative fuel than gasoline. The alternative fuel shall be electric, natural gas, and/or propane fuel. All refueling, changing of propane/natural gas bottle/containers or recharging of these vehicles must be conducted outside the facility. Any vehicles that are utilized to deliver freight directly into the facility for move-in or move-out shall turn the vehicle off upon arriving at the final location. No vehicle should be allowed to sit and idle in the facility. The use of any special equipment (such as cranes, large lift trucks, etc.) in the facility for move-in and move-out shall be coordinated with the Convention Services Manager 30 days in advance, so provisions can be made to ensure proper ventilation is maintained. If the existing ventilation system cannot provide adequate air exchanges, the service contractor shall provide means of ventilation at their expense. All equipment utilized for move-in and move-out shall be kept in compliance with all governing laws and regulations at all times.

SGIA has appointed LRM Distribution Company (LRM) as an official supplier of air filtration equipment for the 2014 SGIA Expo. Companies not able to provide their own form of air filtration may use one or more Air Filtration Units provided by LRM to remain in compliance with the requirements of SGIA, when running solvent based inkjet printers on the Expo floor. An air filtration equipment order form will be provided in the Exhibit Services Manual.


The exhibitor will not do or permit to be done in, upon or about leased space, or of the building or bring or keep anything therein which will in any way conflict with the regulations of the fire, police, or health department or with the rules, regulations, by-laws or ordinances of any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the premises or the business conducted therein, all of which the exhibitor undertakes to abide by and conform to.

Obstruction of Aisles or Nearby Booths

Any demonstration or activities by any exhibitor that result in excessive obstruction of aisles or prevents ready access to a nearby exhibitor’s booth shall be suspended for any period or periods specified by the Association. Exhibitors must place equipment in such a manner that printing samples do not overflow into the aisles. In other words, each exhibitor will be confined to the space limits of its respective booth.

Sound Devices

The use of devices of mechanical reproduction of sound or music shall not be permitted. Music, whether mechanical, vocal or instrumental, shall not be permitted to be played or sung in the exhibit area under the control of the exhibitor. In general, the employment of any method to project sound beyond the confines of any exhibitor’s booth is prohibited.

Copyright Fees

Exhibitor warrants that in the performance of this agreement it will not infringe any statutory, common law or other right of any person by performing (live or by recording), reproducing or otherwise making use of any work or material or performer or performing group. Exhibitor will indemnify, save and hold harmless the Association and its officers, agents, employees and servants from and against all claims, costs and expenses, including legal fees, demands, actions and liabilities of every kind and character whatsoever with respect to copyright and trademark rights, and the performance (live or recorded), reproduction and use of musical, literary and artistic work or in the name of any performing individual or group.

Intellectual Property Warranty and Indemnification

Exhibitor warrants that in the performance of this agreement it will not infringe any intellectual property or other right of any person. Exhibitor will indemnify, save and hold harmless the Association and its officers, agents, employees and servants from and against all claims, costs and expenses, including legal fees, demands, actions and liabilities of every kind and character whatsoever with respect to breaches of the aforementioned warranty, including but not limited to infringements of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right to privacy and right to publicity rights.”);

Photography and Audio/Video

Photography and audio/video recording by anyone – other than the Official SGIA Photographic Contractor – is strictly prohibited on the Expo floor, Golden Image area and in the educational sessions. Exceptions are made only when permission is obtained from the exhibitor whose booth/product is being photographed.

Exhibitors and attendees understand that SGIA Show Management or its authorized representatives may conduct interviews and may take photographs and/or video and may also stream the various aspects and activities of the SGIA Convention & Exposition for both archival and promotional purposes. By attending the SGIA Convention & Exposition, exhibitors and attendees hereby grant to SGIA Show Management and its authorized representatives the right and permission to use your name, likeness, biographical information, voice, content of any interview, image and/or photograph and any other indicia of persona ("Persona") or to refrain from doing so, in any manner or media whether existing now or hereinafter developed (including without limitation the World Wide Web and the Internet), worldwide, for trade, advertising and/or promotional purposes.

Convention and/or exhibitor photos and recordings cannot be copied, altered, sold, exhibited, or further distributed without prior written consent from SGIA. SGIA retains the right to revoke consent.

Conflicting Activity

To protect all exhibitors and the Association’s interest in optimum audience attendance during all scheduled events, there shall be no interference in or dilution of programmed general convention activity through any conflicting private parties, tours, or other activities thereby denying other exhibitors and the convention full exposure to the conventioneers in attendance. Exhibitor Hospitality Suites may be open only during those hours when no general convention or exposition events are scheduled.

Independent Contractors

Exhibitors’ utilization of independent contractors in lieu of the official show contractors for installation and dismantling of their exhibit will be permitted by SGIA under the following conditions: (1) Thirty days prior to the show, written notification must be sent to: Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, Convention Department, 10015 Main Street, Fairfax, Virginia 22031-3489, USA., Fax: 703.273.0469, by the exhibiting company advising the name of independent contractor who has been authorized to install the booth; supplying name, address, and supervisor in attendance; as well as personnel list; (2) The independent contractor is encouraged to obtain labor from the official show contractor; however, if he does not, he shall provide evidence to show management and the official contractor that he possesses applicable and current labor contracts; (3) The independent contractor shall be prepared to show evidence he has authorization from the exhibitor for installation; (4) The exhibitor agrees that he is ultimately responsible for all services in connection with his exhibit, including freight, drayage, rentals, and labor; (5) The independent contractor shall provide a proper certificate of insurance with a minimum of $100,000 liability coverage, including property damage, to show management, and to the official contractor at least 10 days before the show opening; (6) The independent contractor will be responsible for steward and foreman costs after the official contractor’s work for the day has been completed. The following requirements must be satisfied in accordance with the Las Vegas Convention Center: (1) A $250 fee payable to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority; (2) A Clark County Business License (minimum fee: $110; (3) A Nevada State Industrial Insurance System account; (4) A certificate of insurance in the amount of $1 million; (5) A Nevada Department of Taxation Sales Tax permit. Complete details will be included in the exhibitor Services Manual made available to exhibitors in May or call the Convention Department to have a copy faxed to you.

The WIS (Worker Identification System) program is being utilized in the Las Vegas Convention Center and in other venues across the U.S. If any contractor or trade union worker wants to work on the exhibit floor they must have either an ESCA-WIS badge or a Trade Union (Local 631, 720 and 357) badge. This program requires that anyone supervising a build must also obtain an ESCA-WIS badge, including exhibit booth personnel. Please review this link for more detailed information: If you plan to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor during the SGIA show, please provide your contractor with the ESCA-WIS information to be sure they are in compliance. All other exhibit booth personnel (non-build supervisors and exhibit booth personnel) will gain access to the tradeshow floor by following the SGIA show credentials and by obtaining an SGIA Exhibitor Badge after clearing normal SGIA Event security. To secure labor, please use the Shepard Exposition Services labor forms that will be provided in the Exhibit Service Manual. For further assistance or specific questions regarding the WIS Program as it pertains to the Las Vegas Convention Center can be directed to Jerri Denman-Gray , the Control Center Security Supervisor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Exhibitor Representatives

Each exhibiting firm must provide an attendant in its booth space during the open hours of the Convention. All attendants must be bonafide employees of the exhibitor or representatives who receive commission, brokerage or salary from the exhibitor, or who represent the manufacturer of products sold by the exhibitor. The term “representatives”); in the preceding sentence does not include those who maintain their own inventory of merchandise for resale. Live models may be hired and will be admitted to the exhibit floor only in costumes approved by the Association. Models must have exhibitor badges, and exhibitor must obtain it in the same manner as obtained for other booth personnel. False certification of individuals as exhibitor representatives, misuse of exhibitor badges, or any methods or device used to assist unauthorized individuals to enter the exhibit hall will be sufficient just cause for expelling the violators from the convention, barring them from further entrance onto the exhibit floor, and/or removing the exhibit from the exhibit floor without obligation on the part of the Association for refund of any fees. The exhibiting firm, for itself, its employees and its agents, waives all rights to any claim for damages against the Association, its contractors and its agents, out of the enforcement of this paragraph. The official Association badge must be worn whenever a registrant is on the exhibit floor. Badges are available at the Exhibitor Registration Desk for such persons as were designated by the exhibitor when exhibitor registration was processed. There will be a charge of $5.00 per badge for the replacement of any lost badges: No exceptions will be made.

Claims for Injuries or Loss

It is expressly agreed that neither the Association nor the convention facility shall be liable or held accountable for any losses, damages, or injuries which may be sustained or incurred by any person whomsoever, who may be on the premises reserved by or assigned to an exhibitor, or watching, observing, or participating in any demonstration or exhibit of an exhibitor, including (but not limited to) any agent, employee or representative of an exhibitor. The exhibitor expressly agrees that he will hold, keep and save harmless, and indemnify the Association from any and all such claims.

Food and Beverage

Any exhibitor planning to dispense food and/or beverages as part of his display or exhibit is required to order such items from the official catering facility at the Convention Center. A catering form will be provided in your Exhibitor Services Manual.

Destruction of Premises

In the event that the building or any part thereof shall be destroyed or damaged by fire or other causes so as to prevent the use of the rented space for the purposes hereof, or if the premises cannot be used because of strikes, riots, labor controversies, accidents, fuel shortages, acts of God, war, or other causes beyond the Association’s reasonable care and control, then the Association shall have the right to obtain new facilities for the purposes hereof, or terminate the contract. The Association shall have no liability toward the exhibitor by reason of its failure to deliver the space, other than to return any payments made under this agreement. If this agreement is so terminated during the show dates, then the fees to the time of such termination shall be apportioned.


These regulations in their entirety, the official booth brochure, and enclosed attachments, if any, are a part of the contract between the exhibitor and the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. They have been formulated in the mutual interest of the exhibitor, the SGIA, and the convention facility. The Association respectfully asks the full cooperation of the exhibitors in their observance. All points not covered are subject to the decisions of the Association. The Association reserves the right to make any changes necessary to the best interests of the exposition. These rules are intended to be clear and complete. However, should any disagreement or controversy arise concerning interpretation of these rules, regulations and information, or should a situation arise not adequately or specifically covered by these rules and regulations, then it is expressly agreed that the interpretation or the decision of the authorized agent of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association with reference to such situation shall be conclusive, final and binding on all parties concerned or otherwise involved. In the event the exhibitor shall persist in the violation of any covenants or interpretations of these rules and regulations, after notice thereof, the Association may in its sole discretion cause the exhibitor’s display to be promptly closed. The Association, the show contractor, and the convention facility shall not in any manner or for any cause be liable or responsible to the exhibitor for any injury or damage to him, his employees or his goods or other property brought upon the premises where the exhibit is held, and any and all claims for such injuries or damages are hereby waived. The exhibitor shall not assign or sublet any of the space granted to him as herein before set forth. SGIA will make every effort to accommodate the space needs of exhibitors. It should be understood, however, that space is allocated on the basis of its availability at the time that a formal exhibit space contract is executed. Any estimates or other statements by SGIA personnel concerning the anticipated availability of space are estimates only and do not serve to reserve, set aside or guarantee any space. SGIA shall not be bound by any oral statement, but only by the formal space reservation agreement entered into between the Association and the exhibitor. In the event that the exhibitor desires to have the goods and other property brought upon the premises in which the Exposition is held insured against loss by fire or other casualty, he shall obtain such insurance at his own expense. The Association will not be responsible for the safety of such exhibits or the protection of such property against fire, theft, accident, damage in transit to the convention site or to the exhibitor’s booth or other cause. The exhibitor shall have the right, subject to the provisions herein contained, to arrange his exhibit within the space allotted to him in the manner deemed by him best fitted for displaying and demonstrating the goods manufactured and/or sold by him. This right, however, is subject to the power and authority of the Association to require the exhibit to be arranged in such manner as not to interfere with other exhibits, and in particular those in close proximity to such exhibit of the exhibitor. The Association reserves the right to prohibit the arrangement of the exhibit or the display of any article therein in any manner that in its opinion is not in keeping with the nature and character of the entire exposition or not in harmony with the other exhibits and the decorations of said building, to the end that the entire exposition shall present unified appearance without any elements therein contained that will clash with or destroy in any way the advertising force of any other exhibit. The Association further reserves the right to prohibit any arrangement of the exhibit that in its opinion may in any way cause danger to persons attending the exposition or any risk of injury to them. SGIA recommends children not attend the Expo. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The Las Vegas Convention Center is a smoke-free facility.

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