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Executive Updates


SGIA's Product of the Year Competition

(Wed, Dec 11, 13)
The 2013 Product of the Year competition was a real challenge for the judges. Great technologies and targeted consumables were well represented in Orlando.

A Strong Community Gets Stronger

(Thu, Oct 31, 13)
The 2013 SGIA Expo in Orlando was an over-the-top success. The positive buzz created by the SGIA community was contagious.

SGIA Expo has the Goods

(Tue, Oct 08, 13)
Record Setting Amount of International Freight -You know the goods when you see the goods, and SGIA has the goods. This year's Expo has more international freight (that translates into exciting new equipment on the floor) than any previous SGIA Expo.

Get ready for the SGIA 2013 Expo

(Thu, Sep 05, 13)
If you are serious about wide-format you need to be at the SGIA Expo. The expanse of equipment on display is complemented by the SGIA Zones which provide a valued learning experience for attendees.

The SGIA Community — Providing Targeted Solutions in an Uncertain Time

(Fri, Nov 30, 12)
Defining the SGIA community as printers would be far too limiting. These companies are playing a much bigger role in the planning and implementation of advertising and environmental design programs for their retail customers.

The 2012 SGIA Expo - Focused, Fast-Paced and Bustin' at the Seams

(Mon, Oct 22, 12)
 SGIA is growing fast. In fact, 39 percent of the attendees at this year's Expo were first time participants! 

The 2012 SGIA Expo is Technology Central

(Wed, Oct 03, 12)
The SGIA Expo is technology central for wide-format imaging and specialty imaging applications. And the Expo is growing! In addition to serving our traditional community, this year we're seeing a big increase in first-time attendees as wide-format expands to other printing and imaging sectors.

Marketplace Mojo Metrics

(Wed, Aug 29, 12)
I've looked at several companies that always seem to successfully adjust to the changing market dynamics to try and get a sense of what makes them tick. Here are few characteristics I see in those companies that really have their mojo workin'. I hope it generates an idea or two.

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