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Congratulations to this year’s 2013 Sustainability Recognition Award Winners:

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group Inc, Aurora, IL
BIG INK Display Graphics, Saint Paul, MN
EFI, San Mateo, CA
Empire Screen Printing, Onalaska, WI
GFX International , Grayslake, IL

Gillespie Graphics, Wilsonville, OR

Global Products Inc, Earth City, MO

Infinity Images, Portland, OR

Insta Graphic Systems, Cerritos, CA

Laird Plastics, Boca Raton, FL

Loparex LLC, Cary, NC

Modernistic, Stillwater, MN

Muir Omni Graphics, Peoria, IL

New Buffalo Shirt Factory, Clarence, NY

Pictura Graphics, Minneapolis, MN

Premier Press, Portland, OR

Pro Cal Professional Decals, Rock Hill, SC

Visual Impressions Inc, Milwaukee, WI

Visual Marking Systems Inc, Twinsburg, OH

xpedx, Loveland, OH

This stage begins the step-by-step action plan of developing and implementing the elements of your SMS. It describes a logical sequence or "roadmap" for planning and implementing SMS elements and explains how this sequence can be important in building an effective SMS.
Sustainability Policy — issue a public statement declaring how your company intends to improve its sustainability practices

At this point, you should have a sound basis for developing your sustainability policy. Use SGIA’s policy document as a guide. Remember, if you plan to reach for certification under the SGP Partnership program, it is recommended that you download the SGP criteria as there are specific elements that must be addressed.

Metrics Resources — measure your company's current usage and create a new goal.

It is important to establish a baseline of your operation. This will help you establish as well as measure the goals and objectives you set. Remember, a key element of your SMS is continuous improvement. SGIA’s metrics tools will help you both establish and measure as you move forward.

Setting Sustainability Goals and Objectives

With your baseline metrics, you are ready to establish objectives and targets for your organization. These objectives should be consistent with your environmental policy.

Developing a Communication Strategy

Communication involves not only your employees, but other interested stakeholders as well. Suppliers, customers, and possibly even neighbors. Development of a communication strategy helps you define these key stakeholders as well as outreach tools.

Documentation of Your Sustainability Management System

At this stage of implementation, your SMS will begin to generate some documents (such as procedures and forms) and records (that demonstrate that various processes are being carried out). For this reason, it is a good time to establish procedures for corrective/preventive action, document control, and records management. These three processes are essentially "system maintenance" functions. As you develop and implement other system-level procedures, work instructions for various activities, and other SMS documents, you need a process for controlling the generation and modification of these documents. Likewise, you will need a process to ensure that you can fix (or correct) problems when they occur. In addition, many of these processes (such as monitoring activities) will generate records, so you need an effective way to manage the records that your SMS generates.




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