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Safety & health, personnel management & sustainability resources for your specialty imaging business.

Safety & Health

Use SGIA's safety resources to make this your safest year ever:


Personnel Management

Employment Eligibility & Law
Have all your questions about employment eligibility answered. Find out what job descriptions are used for the specialty graphics industry. Find out what the Department of Labor employment laws include. Read Youth Labor Laws before you hire a Youth.

Americans with Disabilities Act
There are many laws regulating the accessibility of businesses. Are you in compliance? Find the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions and where to get more information.

Human Resources Focus
For managers seeking ways to improve their business check out SGIA's What to Do. This is a member benefit to be used as an educational tool for company owners and managers. Learn about employee management and develop your own employee handbook.

SGIA Webinars

SGIA Training & Testing

Other Events



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