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SGIA Journal Expands to Ten Issues
The premier specialty imaging publication

To better serve the diverse specialty imaging community, the SGIA Journal has increased to ten issues per year! Six issues focus on graphic imaging and four issues focus on garment decoration.

Each edition includes in-depth articles and insights by industry experts, featuring:

  • New products
  • Production techniques
  • Best business practices, and
  • Market trends

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SGIA Journal Winter Garment Edition
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The SGIA Journal, January/February 2014

Measure Twice, Print Once: Color Measurement Tools
Jeff Burton, SGIA

Innovations in Inkjet Printhead Technology
Chris Lynn, Hillam Technology Partners

New Opportunities & Customization in Label Printing
Afinia Label

Printheads and Digitally Printed Textiles: Cause and Effect
Rowan Bloemberg, Hollanders Printing Systems

Digital 3D Enhancement Printing
Vince Cahill, VCE Solutions

Cracking the Code on B2B Marketing
Brian Hart and Clayton Marsh, Hart Consulting Services

At the 2013 SGIA Expo, What Glitters is GOLD

SGIA Journal Winter Garment Edition
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The SGIA Journal, Garment Edition: Winter 2014

Old-School Screen Printing in the Digital Age
Eileen Fritsch, Freelance Writer

LED There Be Light: The Newest Exposure Light Source
Johnny Shell, Vice President, Technical Services, SGIA

Effects of Drying Temperature on Screen Tension
SGIA Technical Services

What Glitters Is GOLD: Highest Honors Given to Select Golden Image Competition Entrants

The Corner Office: What You Need to Know About Printed Wearables

Peter Ebner, Owner, Ebner Seminars


SGIA Journal Fall Garment Edition
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The SGIA Journal, November/December 2013

How to Survey Your Print Customers
Margie Dana, Freelance Writer

How to Select Your Next Wide-Format Printer, Part II
Bob Flipse, Grafx Network

Determining & Nurturing Your Areas of Opportunity
Dan Marx, SGIA

Making Big Decisions: Will Doing Nothing Destroy Your Business?
Rock LaManna, LaManna Alliance

Nanography™ and Nanotechnology: A Primer

Kristof Dekeukelaere, Landa Digital Printing

UV LED Printing: Will Your Business Be Left Behind?
Stacy Hoge, Phoseon

MIS: Is Your System Working For You or Against You?

Carol Andersen, Enterprise Print Management Solutions

Sustainability and Media
Marcia Y. Kinter, SGIA

Standardization and Process Control in Wide-Format Printing:
Why It Will Change Your Life (And Make Your Customer Happy)

Chris Schowalter, EFI

A Time for Leadership: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century
Scott Hunter, President, Unshackled Leadership


SGIA Journal Fall Garment Edition
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The SGIA Journal, September/October 2013

How to Sell in a Tough Economy
Don Hutson, US Learning LLC

Reducing Inkjet Ink Usage
Tony Quinn, Nazdar Consulting Services

Want Your Graphics to Look Great and Last?
Start with Surface Preparation and Cleaning

Jason Yard, MACtac Distributor Products

Digital Ceramic Printing Continues to Cast a New Business Model for Output Providers
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Writer

Going Grand: Does It Make Sense for Your Business?
Greg Lamb, Global Imaging Inc.

The Edge is Near: Innovations in Fabric Finishing
Renee Nevius, Freelance Writer

The Innovation of an Art Form: A History of Screen Printing

Guido Lengwiler, Author, A History of Screen Printing —
How an Art Evolved into an Industry

In Many Specialty Graphics Shops, Old and New Technologies Sit Side by Side
Richard Romano, Freelance Writer

How to Hire and Retain a Sales Champion
Tai Aguirre, VP-Business Development, Taico Incentive Company


SGIA Journal Fall Garment Edition
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The SGIA Journal, Garment Edition: Fall 2013

From Underwear to Every-wear: A Brief Evolution of the T-shirt
Eileen Fritsch, Freelance Writer

Navigating New Ink Chemistries
Ed Branigan, Print Products Application Manager, International Coatings Company, Inc.

Heat Hierarchy: Transfers, Applied Vinyl and More
Josh Ellsworth, General Manager, STAHLS’™ CAD-CUT® Direct™

Onshoring — The Next American Apparel Revolution?
Christopher Bernat, Chief Revenue Officer, Vapor Apparel

Moving into New Markets: Apparel to Soft Signage
Matt Gusse, Vice President of Sales, Advanced Color Solutions

Trends, Techniques and the Competitive Advantage
of Embroidery

Stephen McNamara, Freelance Writer,

The Corner Office: Creating Win-Win Partnerships with Customers

John Albrecht, Sales and Strategy Leader, SPSI

SGIA Journal July/August
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The SGIA Journal, July/August 2013

The Variables of Calculating Ink Consumption
Jeff Burton, SGIA, Digital Printing Analyst, SGIA

Trends and Innovations in Cutting and Routing Technology
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Writer

Improving ROI with Color Management
Robert Eversole, Director of Dye Sublimation, Axiom America

6 Tips to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign
Barbra Bannon, Evolution Consulting

Textile Printing for Profit
Michael Labella, Sensient

Bridging the Gap Between Print Manufacturers & Customers

Margie Dana, Freelance Writer

Web-to-Print Portals for Large Format Digital Printing
Rick Mandel, Mandel Graphic Solutions

Sell Value, Not Price!
Don Hutson, US Learning LLC

How to Select Your Next Wide-Format Printer
Bob Flipse, President, Grafx Network

The Corner Office: A Customer Retention Strategy is A Key
Component of Any Business Plan

Sam Klaidman, Principal Adviser, Middlesex Consulting

SGIA Journal May/June
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The SGIA Journal, May/June 2013

Getting Up to Speed with Job Management Software
Eileen Fritsch, Freelance Writer

Inkjet Ink and Substrate Interaction: What the Future Holds
Ken Kisner, President of Business Development, INX Digital International Co.

Choosing the Right Decorating Process for Plastics
John Kaverman, President, Pad Print Pros, LLC

Print Direction and Mis-Direction: How Specs Can Mislead
Chris Lynn, CEO, Hillam Technology Partners, LLC

At the Forefront of Inkjet
Vince Cahill, Owner, VCE Solutions

Smaller Might Be Smarter:
On-Demand/Short-Run Solutions for Your Graphics Business

Jimmy Lamb, Manager of Communications, Sawgrass Technologies

Identifying Competitive Leadership Skills in the Graphic Imaging Industry
Tom Hudgin, President, Wilmington Quality Associates

The Corner Office: Profitable Print Relationships, and How to Achieve Them
Matthew Parker, Director, Print & Procurement Ltd.

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The SGIA Journal, Garment Edition: Spring 2013

Time For A New Apparel Revolution
Bill Grier, Founder & CEO, Critical Mass Manufacturing

Buying Used Printing Equipment: Essential Factors to Consider
Mark A. Coudray, President, Coudray Graphic Technologies

What You Should Know about Printing over Seams
Eileen Fritsch, Freelance Writer

What’s Happening: Digital Transfers
Lia Carroll-Hackett, Associate Editor, SGIA

How to Optimize Print Quality Through Stencil Testing
SGIA Technical Department

Smaller Might Be Smarter
On-Demand/Short-Run Solutions for Your Garment Business

Jimmy Lamb, Manager of Communications, Sawgrass Technologies

The Corner Office: Boost Sales Using Strategic Social Media Interaction

Stephen McNamara, Freelance Writer

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The SGIA Journal, March/April 2013

Sales Compensation: The Perplexing Topic Explained
David J. Cichelli, Senior Vice President, The Alexander Group, Inc.

UV LED Curing Technology Goes Mainstream: Snapshot of 2012
Bill Cortelyou, President and CEO, Phoseon Technology

Narrow-Format Printing Opens New Doors for Wide-Format Print Providers
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Writer

Foundations of Inkjet Head Technology
Jeff Burton, Digital Printing Analyst, SGIA

Creating Sales Culture
Todd Cohen, Principal, SalesLeader LLC

How the Affordable Care Act Affects You

Marcia Y. Kinter, Vice President of Government and Business Information, SGIA

The Four Ws & One H of Business Development

Rock LaManna, President and CEO, LaManna Alliance

The Corner Office: The Seven Deadly Sins of Highly Ineffective Salespeople
Richard Farrell, Tangent Knowledge Systems

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The SGIA Journal, January/February 2013

Compact UV-LED Flatbeds Take Inkjet Printing to New Heights
Eileen Fritsch, Freelance Writer

Digital Textile Printing Has Come of Age
Mark Sawchak, Owner, Expand Systems, LLC

Making the Right Wide-Format Decisions
Dan Marx, Vice President of Marketing and Technologies, SGIA; Kat Thomas, Editorial Assistant, SGIA

Color Management Solutions for Non-Traditional Substrates
Jeff Burton, Digital Printing Analyst, SGIA

Be A Better Manager
David M. Fellman, President of David Fellman & Associates

Green Chemistry: The Next Revolution

Marcia Y. Kinter, Vice President of Government and Business Information, SGIA

The Corner Office: Five Steps to Consistently Make Good Decisions
Brent Sprinkle, TrueNorth Business Navigation

SGIA Journal: November/DecemberThe SGIA Journal, November/December 2012

The State of Industrial Large-Format Inkjet Printing
Vince Cahill, President, VCE Solutions

Un-Sticking Social Media for Your Graphics Business
Barbra Bannon, Principal, Evolution Consulting

Digital Ink Technology Innovations
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Writer

A Look Ahead to Digital Technologies & Printed Electronics
Rich Baker, Integrity Ink Jet Integration; Paul Lindquist, Methode Electronics

Strategies for Efficiency in Graphic Screen Printing
Mark Coudray, Coudray Graphic Technologies; Mike Young, Imagetek Consulting International

Digital Garment Decoration: Factors of Growth
Robert Eversole, Axiom America; Matt Gusse, Advanced Color Solutions

Garment Decoration: Finding a Competitive Edge
Eric Henry, T.S. Designs; Jan Weyrich, Global Products, Inc.; Lon Winters,

SGIA Journal: September/OctoberThe SGIA Journal, September/October 2012

UV LED Technology Update
Richa Anand, Product Marketing Manager, Phoseon Technology

Going Beyond the Printed Piece
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Writer

Three-Dimensional Printing with Inkjet
Vince Cahill, President, VCE Solutions; and Dene Taylor, PhD, President, SPF-Inc.

The Glory of Growing: How Innovation Spurs Sustained Profits
Chris Bernat, Principal, Vapor Apparel/Source Substrates

Sales Culture: It Takes a Company© (Part Two)
Todd Cohen, Principal, SalesLeader, LLC

New Opportunities for Graphics Installers
Dan Marx, Vice President, Markets and Technologies, SGIA

Tackling High-End Separations for Garment Decoration
Thomas Trimingham, Author and Consultant,

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
Marcia Y. Kinter, Vice President of Government and Business Information, SGIA

The Specialty Imager's Brand
Ed Roach, Brand Consultant, The Branding Experts

SGIA Journal: July/AugustThe SGIA Journal, July/August 2012

Sales Culture: It Takes a Company© (Part One)
Todd Cohen, Professional Speaker, Author and Sales Culture Educator
Creating a customer-centric sales culture is essential to maximizing your company's success.

Recycling Benefits the Bottom Line
Brett Thompson, Director of Environmental Affairs, Laird Plastics
The path of environmental stewardship is really a journey of awareness.

Ten Ways to Save Money in Your Garment Printing Shop
Greg Kitson, President, Mind's Eye Graphics
In today's market, we are all faced with having to be so
competitive that it can sometimes border on commodity pricing.

Photo Imaging & Specialty Graphics Find Common Ground
Don Franz, Group Publisher, Photo Imaging News

Sales Management: Objectives & Subjectives
David M. Fellman, President, David Fellman and Associates

The State of Screen Printing in India
Bhargav Mistry, Managing Director, Grafica Flextronica

Reasons Behind Single vs. Multi-Technology Printing
Susan Veoni, Editorial Associate, SGIA

SGIA Journal: May/JuneThe SGIA Journal, May/June 2012

Suppliers Take Automated Wide-Format Printing to the Next Level
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Write
An inside look at how imaging companies are utilizing automated
printing solutions.

Virtualize Your Business
Barbra Bannon, Principal Partner, Evolution Consulting
Implementing the "cloud" can help streamline your business operations.

Current Considerations For Digital Equipment Purchases
Heather Kendle, Director of Marketing, Inca Digital
The definition of what's "fast" is changing in the wide-format inkjet printing market.

How to Know When to Turn Down a Garment Printing Job
Greg Kitson, Founder and President, Mind's Eye Graphics

Examining How Wide-Format Workflow is Moving Into the "Cloud"
Stephen Aranoff, Founder and Principal, ARTTEX Associates

Color Proofing & Standards in 2012
Jeff Burton, Digital Printing Analyst, SGIA

Common Sense Maintenance For Solvent-Based Inkjet Printers
Bob Flipse, Partner, Grafx Network.

The SGIA Journal, March/April 2012

Top 10 Business Planning Strategies
Brian Hart, Owner/Principal, Hart Consulting Services Clayton Marsh, Retail Design Strategist and Consultant, Hart Consulting Services

Considerations for Garment Decoration Companies Entering Wide-Format Dye Sublimation
Syd Northup, Inkjet Division Manager, Gans Ink and Supply Company

New Market Ideas Equal New Revenue Opportunities
Jimmy Lamb, Manager of Communications and
Education — Consumer Division, Sawgrass Technologies

Specialty Films & Laminates Open Doors for Print Providers
Bill Schiffner, Freelance Writer

Business Selling: Why Simple & Easy Matters
Sam Klaidman, Principal Adviser, Middlesex Consulting Group

How to Make Serigraphs: Screen Printed Fine Art
Ad Versteeg, Independent Consultant/ Freelance Journalist, Evident

The Future For Curing
Laura Maybaum, Graphics Market Segment Manager,
Nazdar Bea Purcell, Industrial Market Segment Manager, Nazdar

Leading Printing Partners Toward Best Practices & Sustainability Certifications
Martine Padilla, President, Sophizio

The SGIA Journal, January/February 2012

Diversify Your Offerings with Insight, Not Impulse

Expand your business based on the needs of customers and the marketplace.
Vince DiCecco, Business Development and Training Consultant, Your Personal Business Trainer

The “Wow Factor” of Metallic

Find out how companies are taking advantage of this outstanding new tool.
Eric Zimmerman, Product Manager, Roland DGA Corporation

Visualizing Industrial Markets

The complexity of industrial printing is illustrated by sector, product and more.
SGIA Technical Services

New Trends & Opportunities in Print/Cut Heat Materials

Discover new and innovative developments in print/cut for garment decoration.
Josh Ellsworth, General Manager, Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct

How the $100 Million Company Acquired the $1 Million Company

Having your company acquired can be a win/win for both parties.
Rock LaManna, President, LaManna Alliance

Digital Technologies in the Offset Printing Industry
Learn how digital technology has changed the commercial printing playing field.
Katherine O’Brien, Senior Editor, American Printer Division, OutputLinks Communications Group

CPSIA: What Is & Is Not Required 

How should companies navigate this far-reaching and complex new regulation?
Marcia Y. Kinter, Vice President, Government and Business Information, SGIA

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