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Prepare your next generation of employees by hiring a student intern! Internships are the bridge students need to go from the classroom to the workforce, combining education with real-world production — plus, you might get the opportunity to hire them as full-time. Post your internship opportunity now!

Current students also need hands-on practice with the machines our industry uses every day. Learn how to donate to an educational program in need.
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Printing Better Whites: It’s Probably Not Your Ink
A common question I often hear at every trade show, open house, message board or casual conversation is this: What is the best white ink? Read more >
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ASDPT Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition
It’s not too early to start planning your submissions for the Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition! The deadline to submit is June 30, 2016. Don't wait — that date will sneak up on you. Read more >

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TSCA Reform Bill Passes US Senate by Voice Vote
On December 18, a bipartisan group of senators celebrated victory after years of negotiations over a major chemical safety bill that passed the Senate Thursday night. Read more >
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Register now for the upcoming webinar, “Better Understand Your Customers with the Power of Social Media” presented by Aaron Montgomery on January 27 (this Wednesday!). Read more >
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