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Achieve Consistent Color & Impress Clients
G7® is an innovative calibration methodology developed by IDEAlliance that enables different proofers, screen presses and digital printers to produce a very similar appearance regardless of substrate, line count, ink type or printing condition.

Consulting Discounts Available through SGIA’s New Partnership with Nazdar
If you have trouble with consistent color — SGIA has your solution! We’ve partnered with Nazdar Consulting Services to offer members significant G7 discounts.

Average Member Savings: $9,600 annually

You’ll receive:

  • 25% discount on consulting fees
  • One free copy of Data Capture System (DCS) software
    This software verifies whether you’re in compliance with any print specification or standard. ($1,500 value)
  • One free copy of the I-One Wizard
    Quickly measure delta e differences and G7 compliance.
    This tool performs most functions of a densitometer. ($125 value)
  • Choose from a wide variety of consulting options to best fit your needs.


Learn more:

  1. Contact Mike Ruff at Nazdar Consulting Services or 913.422.1888 ext. 2490
  2. Ask about how G7 fits your production requirements.
  3. Answer a few G7 qualifying questions.
  4. If you qualify as a G7 Candidate, a G7 implementation plan will be prepared for you.

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