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To improve your bottom line, you need to increase profits or cut costs.
When you join SGIA, it's like
$$$ in the bank!

Corporate Members Only —
An Incredible 70% Discount on LTL Shipping

SGIA's buying power entitles members to an exclusive 70% discount on shipping through YRC.  You'll save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars off your shipping bills each year.

Corporate Members Only —
U.S. and Canadian members can save big bucks on Federal Express.  Now you can receive substantial discounts in addition to the reliability and speed you've come to expect from FedEx.

Corporate Members Only —
Tremendous Savings on Your Monthly Utility Bills
(pdf 57k) In a "shocking" partnership with APPI, you can receive substantial discounts on your monthly electric and natural gas bills.

Corporate Members Only —
Remarkable Savings on Telecommunication Expenses

It's almost impossible to know if you are getting the best, most cost-efficient plan. SGIA's Telecom Savings Program guarantees you the best service and prices, whether you're a one-person shop or a 500-employee corporation.

The Best Business Insurance for Your Money

Save time and money while gaining assurance that the SGIA Insurance Program - complete with commercial property and casualty insurance options - provides the comprehensive protection you need at competitive rates.

Choice Hotels
Take 15% off room rates through our affiliation with
Choice Hotels International.

Corporate Printer
For printers who produce and/or sell specialty graphic imaging. Corporate memberships allow access to all SGIA products and services to multiple contacts in the company, based on investment.

Individual Printer
For printers who are just getting started in the specialty imaging industry and smaller companies that only need one contact.

Global Printer
For printers who are part of a multi-national company that produces and/or sells specialty graphic imaging. Global memberships allow 10 company contacts.

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