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No Man's Land: What to Do When Your Company Is Too Big to Be Small but Too Small to Be Big

Doug Tatum
SGIA '08 Keynote Speaker

As a specialty imaging business owner, learning how to manage your organization might be secondary to creating a terrific print. But SGIA knows it is just as important, in the long run, to properly run your company.

Doug Tatum's guide brings insight about the fatal trap of no man's land, a perilous zone where companies have outgrown the habits and practices that fueled their early growth but have not yet adopted new practices and resources to cope with their new situation and challenges.

Tatum is a recognized expert on the capital markets and entrepreneurial growth businesses and is the founding chairman of Tatum LLC, the nation's largest financial and technology executive services firm.

Tatums book can help specialty imaging business owners focus on more satisfying business goals such as:

  • being great at what you do
  • aligning your growing company with its market
  • providing great customer service and
  • making great contributions to communities.
No Man's Land
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