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PDAA Certification Serious, Proficiency-Based & Critical to Business Success

Growing your installation business requires certification created by objective installers who know the industry inside and out. It requires proven proficiency not tied to any specific product line or company, and proof that your company can do any installation job with confidence.


PDAA certification is a strong tool for success. Through PDAA certification, you join the elite group of graphics installers who have achieved the highest degree of industry recognition and proficiency. PDAA certification is open only to PDAA members in good standing. Click here to join PDAA.


Complete information on testing requiremetns, test location, travel and more is included below.

Next Certification Test:

Friday, May 2, 2014



Certification Resources

PDAA Certification Test Requirements

What does PDAA certification testing include? Review and learn the specific details and requirements of PDAA certification testing, and learn what to expect in a brief video summary.

Detailed Test Descriptions (PDF)


Informational Video (20:00)

Revised Edition!
PDAA how-to installation guide. New
Revised edition!

The PDAA Vinyl Installation Proficiency Guide, PDAA’s “how-to” resource for graphics installers, is a critical study guide for the PDAA certification tests.

Your Questions Answered
For additional information on PDAA Certification programs and logistics, contact Rob Ivers
, PDAA's authorized certification provider.

Registration Details

Cancellation by SGIA
SGIA/PDAA reserves the right to cancel testing at any time with reasonable notice given to all participants. If a testing session is cancelled, refunds will be paid in full, or you may reschedule attendance for the next available testing date. SGIA/PDAA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule testing dates if fewer than three registrations are received, three weeks in advance.

In the event of a cancellation, SGIA/PDAA is not responsible for non-refundable airfares, other airfare penalties or travel charges you may incur.

Travel Information & Testing Location

Please refrain from booking your travel unttil PDAA has contacted you to let you know the test/class is confirmed.

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