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Market access, voice and credibility: Your three leading SGIA member benefits. Take advantage of the opportunities we have available, and put your products and company in front of your most promising prospects and best customers.

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SGIA Expos mean sales — Gear up now for sales and exhibit at the 2014 SGIA Expo.

Thousands of visitors search SGIA's 'Buyer's Guide' every year. To guarantee you don't miss even one lucrative referral, update your keywords regularly.

Understand the issues impacting your customers and your bottom line. SGIA helps you stay on top with current industry trends and information.

Publicity Marketing Opportunities Education

Focus your prospects' attention on your company, products and brands by including SGIA in your business plan. As a Supplier member, you're our first source for the latest information.

Your target market … Our members. Only SGIA members get unparalleled access to the printers who use your products, so create your marketing plan with SGIA in mind.

Gain industry knowledge to serve your customers better.


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