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Advancing Screen Printing Through Education & Research
As the non-profit research and educational affiliate of the SGIA, the Foundation’s prime purpose is to advance the screen printing industry.  The Screen Printing Technical Foundation is actively working to make screen printing technologies increasingly competitive and more cost-efficient.  Through its hands-on workshops, innovative training resources, and focused research agenda, the Foundation can help you develop more knowledgeable and efficient employees… making your business more productive and profitable.

SPTF Education
The Screen Printing Technical Foundation is committed to training industry members to deal, proactively, with the production challenges they face on the job – both now and in the years ahead.  SPTF is aggressively designing new training resources to provide vital materials to take your business to the next level. 

  • SPTFoffers the industry’s most proven method of education through its hands-on Training Workshops.

SPTF Research
The Screen Printing Technical Foundation’s research agenda includes projects aimed at providing industry guidelines for specific production concerns.  SPTF Research Publications provide professional expertise for improving your productivity and profitability. 

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