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SPTF Journal Articles
Learn more about screen printing and attain information valuable to all individuals and businesses involved in the screen printing industry.

Connecting the Dots: Two Methods of Monitoring Four-Color Process with a Densitometer
Dot percentage has far more influence over the print appearance than ink density does. A major shift in density will be much less noticeable in the print than a small change in dot percentage.
From: 2004, Vol. 8, Third Quarter

Rheology and Its Shear Benefits
Thixotropy relates to rheology. Let’s pile it on and add a few more words to the “Ink Salad,” like shear, viscosity and velocity.
From: 2001, Vol. 5, Second Quarter

Color Accuracy: Resolution is Not Enough
Ever had a color shift one day but not the next on the same image? More than likely the error was 3-D acutance - not resolution.
From: 2000, Vol. 4, 2nd Quarter

Pumping Polyester for Better Results
Imagine a genetically engineered silk thread five times as strong as high tensile steel… moisture and chemical resistant… and tuned to the perfect modulus of elasticity for screen printing.
From: 2000, Vol. 4, 1st Quarter

SPTF's New picture of the Screen Printing Process: A Tool of the Trade
In this exclusive issue of the SGIA Journal, a folded poster of the Screen Printing Process Model, in chart format, has been included for your use.
From: 1999, Vol. 3, 4th Quarter

Understanding the Mechanism: The Essence of Process Control
Why bother to get instrument rated when you can "fly by the seat of your pants"? The problems come when the machine stops and no one understands why.
From: 1999, Vol. 3, 3rd Quarter

SPTF's Ink Calculating Software: Technology with a Difference
Calculating ink consumption is a fundamental requirement to many companies. Here's a way to do it faster and more accurately, saving time and money.
From: April 99, Vol 3, 2nd quarter

The Multi-Material Analyzer: A New Opportunity for Process Measurement and Control
Some technology seems almost too good to be true. Learn how to develop your own "measure anything" instrument for improved process control utilizing SPTF research and a low-cost test kit.
From: January 99, Vol 3, 1st quarter

Bolt-to-Bolt Mesh Variation
SPTF's short study on ink deposit and color shift produced from bolt-to-bolt mesh variation makes a solid case for implementing incoming quality checks on mesh for close tolerance applications.
From: October 98, Vol. 4, 4th quarter

Building A Strong Foundation (The Challenges and Rewards of Innovation)
The Wright Brothers went from making a printing press out of a damaged tombstone and buggy parts to lifting off in flight over Kitty Hawk. Here are a few lessons SPTF has harnessed from their unbridled imaginations.
From: July 98, Vol. 2, 3rd quarter

Estimating Ink…The SPTF Way
New research can help you more accurately estimate the ink you to complete a job - and increase your bottom line. But you have to be open to change.
From: April 98, Vol 2, 2nd quarter

Rapid Tensioning of Polyester Screen Fabrics Saves Money!
SPTF did the research, now you get the benefits!
From: Jan 98, Vol 2, 1st quarter

Controlling Off-Contact
Improve your understanding of off-contact and learn how SPTF's new electronic contact gauge can solve registration problems and improve your print quality.
From: October 97, Vol 1, 4th quarter


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