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Other Published Articles by SPTF

Reference List of Magazine Articles written by and about SPTF

“The Fundamentals of Screenmaking, Part2: Screen Stretching and Tension Measurement” - Dawn Hohl, ScreenPrinting, November 2005.

“The Fundamentals of Screenmaking, Part1: Frames and Mesh” - Dawn Hohl, ScreenPrinting, October 2005.

“Reducing Print Problems with Better Screens” - Dawn Hohl, Signs Canada, August 2005.

“Testing Exposure Light Distribution” - Dawn Hohl, Signs Canada, October 2004.

“Expanding Our Variables Vision” - Dawn Hohl, Screen Graphics, May/June 1999.

“The Rapid versues Slow Tensioning Debate” - The Press, June 1999.

“Mesh Misconception” - Dawn Hohl, Screen Graphics, July/August 1997.

 “Research for the Real World” - Dawn Hohl, Screen Graphics, March/April 1997.

“A Sneak Peek into the SPTF Lab” - Dawn Hohl, Screen Graphics, July/August 1996.

“The Economics of Rapid Tensioning” - Fred Johnston, Screen Graphics, May 1996.

 “The Rz Rx” - Dawn Hohl, Screen Graphics, February 1996.

“Standardization: The Future of Screen Printing” - Dawn Hohl, Screen Graphics, February 1996.

“Rapid Mesh Tensioning Proves Successful” - Dennis Hunt, ScreenPlay, February 1995.


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