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Training Workshops

You’ve invested in equipment.  Now invest in excellence.  Attend SPTF workshops and get the tools you need for superior prints.

Current titles include:

SPTF workshops are simply the best.  Small class size and personal attention guarantee the hands-on training that will help you stand apart from your competitors.  Discover the real-world, proven solutions while you learn on state-of-the-art equipment with industry experts.

Here are two student testimonials regarding the benefit of SPTF workshops:


Erik Mellenberg, The Aphrodisiac Jacket a student attending the Special Effects: Enhance Your Textile Print workshop says:

“The course gave me insight into each special effect option, and re-iterated excellent practices. I see this benefiting my company with enhanced sales, enhanced prints and better business practices. Charlie has an awesome amount of knowledge. His presentation measured a perfect balance to assist a beginner all the way to advanced!

Jeff Morris, Weldon, Williams and Lick, Inc., after attending Screen Making workshop had these remarks:

“I learned something new everyday.  This course is just packed with an amazing amount of information and techniques.  I really enjoyed the hands-on lab work!  Our company will now benefit with quicker set-up time, faster production and less spoilage.  The title ‘Basic to Professional’ is exactly what this workshop is.  Amazing!”


SPTF workshops are held at our training facility in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington, DC. The focused, small-class setting creates an environment where your staff will master essentials, ask questions and learn from industry leaders.  The take-away: Skills and confidence that will make your operation stronger and more efficient.

Make a smart investment in your most important resource. Enroll your staff in an upcoming SPTF workshop now.


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