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Wide format printer search results

Printer Types: R2R=Roll-to-Roll, H=Hybrid, FB=Flatbed, GA=Direct-to-Garment, OTH=Other
Ink Technology: DT=Dry Toner, DC=Discharge, LT=Liquid Toner, OP=Oil Pigments, CP=Ceramic Pigment, DS=Dye Sublimation, TD=Textile Dyes, TP=Textile Pigment, WB=Water Based, Eco=Eco Solvent, W/R=Wax/Resin, LX=Latex, S=Solvent, UV=UV
Print Technology: AJ=Air Jet, TR=Thermal Ribbon, TI=Thermal Inkjet, PZ=Piezo Inkjet

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  Manufacturer Model^ Printer Type Max Print Params Color Support Max Resolution Ink Tech Print Tech
Width Length Thickness Num. colors Spot White   Width   Length
StratoJet FB 2512 FB 100.0000 48.0000 5.0000 CMYKlclmWCl X 720 1440 PZ

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